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Santa Cruz, CA Solar Companies

Why go solar in Santa Cruz?

  • Save your money
    • Solar panels lead to smaller power bills
  • Combat climate change
    • Generate clean electricity that doesn’t hurt the environment
  • Financial incentives
    • Access local and federal programs to lower costs

Save your money

When you install solar panels in Santa Cruz, you’re making a smart financial decision that will pay off big time in the short and long term.

Depending on the size of your system, you’ll reduce or completely eliminate your monthly bill payments. Over the 25-year lifetime of your panels, you could offset over $20,000 in electric bills.

Combat climate change

Rising temperatures fueled by global climate change will challenge future generations in Santa Cruz. As sea levels rise and hotter temperatures prevail, more severe weather patterns will damage coastal California towns.

By installing solar panels, you combat climate change by reducing your reliance on harmful fossil fuels. When you reduce your carbon emissions, you help prevent the worst impacts of climate change from occurring.

Financial incentives

You can take advantage of federal and local incentives that can reduce initial installation costs by up to 50%.

Local rebates and tax credits are currently winding down, so contact local installers today to learn more about how you can save on solar.

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Encourage greater transparency in California's Healthcare. We are missing out on consumer tools using open federal marketplace data such as:

Diabetes Health Insurance by keeping healthcare data secret.

Contact your legislature today.