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Santa Ana, CA Solar Companies

Why go solar in Santa Ana?

  • It’s easy
    • Free inspections and permitting
  • Financial incentives
    • Make solar more affordable
  • Increased property value
    • Invest in your home

It’s easy

When installing solar panels, homeowners often forget about inspection and permitting fees, which can actually reach up to 40% of costs in some cases.

In Santa Ana, city leaders have waived those costs, making it all the easier to go solar. Solar permitting and inspecting has been streamlined, allowing you to focus more on the installation rather than the bureaucracy involved.

Financial incentives

Santa Ana residents purchase electricity from Southern California Edison, which offers solar incentives through the California Solar Initiative (CSI).

The CSI offers a declining 10-step solar incentive based on your system size. You’ll receive a better incentive the sooner your sign up, so contact local solar installers to learn more today.

Increased property value

Installing solar panels is one of the best home improvement investments you can make.

Researchers at the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory found that adding a 3.1 kW solar electric system increased home values by an average of $17,000.

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Additional Causes

Encourage greater transparency in California's Healthcare. We are missing out on consumer tools using open federal marketplace data such as:

Diabetes Health Insurance by keeping healthcare data secret.

Contact your legislature today.