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Long Beach, CA Solar Companies

Why go solar in Long Beach?

  • Conserve energy
    • Offset electricity use
  • Financial incentives
    • Make solar affordable
  • Save money
    • Generate free electricity

Conserve energy

Large cities like Long Beach use billions of kilowatt-hours of electricity each year.

By installing solar panels, you help offset some of that electricity use when you generate clean, renewable energy. Not only will it help the environment, but you’ll also save energy in a time of dwindling natural resources.

Financial incentives

As a Long Beach resident, you purchase electricity from Southern California Edison, which manages the California Solar Initiative in the city.

Through the California Solar Initiative, you can earn cash back for installing a solar electric system. The 10-step financial incentive is better the sooner you apply, so sign up quickly.

Contact local solar installers to learn more.

Save money

California electricity prices are rising, and squeezing the wallets of cash-strapped families.

You can break free of that cycle by installing solar and generating free electricity at home. Many families see their bills cut by up to 90% or even more after installing solar panels.

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Additional Causes

Encourage greater transparency in California's Healthcare. We are missing out on consumer tools using open federal marketplace data such as:

Diabetes Health Insurance by keeping healthcare data secret.

Contact your legislature today.