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Irvine, CA Solar Companies

Why go solar in Irvine?

  • Combat climate change
    • Reduce reliance on harmful fossil fuels
  • Financial incentives
    • Make going solar affordable
  • It’s easy
    • Avoid expensive permitting fees

Combat climate change

Burning fossil fuels for electricity worsens climate change, which could have serious repercussions for California’s economy, environment, and quality of life.

By installing solar panels, you reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and help fight the effects of climate change.

Financial Incentives

You can access incentives to go solar through Southern California Edison, which manages the California Solar Initiative in Irvine.

Financial incentives are based on a declining 10-step system. Contact local installers to learn more about how much you can save.

It’s easy

Solar permitting and inspection fees often add to the difficulty of going solar, making up a significant portion of installation costs.

In an effort to convince more people to go solar, Irvine has completely waived all permitting and inspection fees. Those friendly policies are making it easy to avoid complicated bureaucracy and generate free electricity faster.

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Additional Causes

Encourage greater transparency in California's Healthcare. We are missing out on consumer tools using open federal marketplace data such as:

Diabetes Health Insurance by keeping healthcare data secret.

Contact your legislature today.