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Fresno, CA Solar Companies

Why go solar in Fresno?

  • Lower bills
    • Generate free electricity
  • Financial incentives
    • Make going solar affordable
  • Future generations
    • Protect Fresno from climate change

Lower bills

Californians pay, on average, almost 50% more for electricity than the rest of the country.

Volatile energy prices lead to utility companies to increase electricity rates on an almost yearly basis. However, you can protect yourself from future rate hikes by installing solar panels in Fresno.

Depending on the size of your system, you can greatly lower or even negate your electric bills.

Financial Incentives

Solar panels in Fresno are affordable thanks to the city’s access to the California Solar Initiative (CSI). Fresno residents purchase electricity from Pacific Gas & Electric, which manages the CSI program.

Over the course of the program, PG&E has helped to administer incentives to solar projects totaling over 800 MW. Contact solar installers in your area to learn how large your incentive could be.

Future Generations

Electricity from non-renewable sources harms the environment, pushing greenhouses gases into the atmosphere. We must take into account how our current electricity needs could hurt future generations.

By installing solar panels, you’ll reduce Fresno’s impact on the environment, protecting it for generations to come.

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Additional Causes

Encourage greater transparency in California's Healthcare. We are missing out on consumer tools using open federal marketplace data such as:

Diabetes Health Insurance by keeping healthcare data secret.

Contact your legislature today.