Find Solar Companies in Anaheim, CA

Anaheim, CA Solar Companies

Why go solar in Anaheim?

  • Reduce pollution
    • Solar is clean
  • Financial Incentives
    • Reduce installation costs
  • Smaller bills
    • Generate your own electricity

Reduce pollution

As we burn coal and other fossil fuels for electricity, it releases harmful emissions that pollute the air and water.

By installing solar panels, the electricity you generate will be completely clean and pollution free. If more people in Anaheim embraced solar, it would significantly improve air and water quality, leading to a healthier future.

Financial incentives

The Anaheim Public Utilities division manages a solar rebate program that can significantly reduce your installation costs.

Anaheim Public Utilities distributes rebates based on system size, so check with local installers to learn more about how much you could save.

Smaller bills

Rising California electricity costs are forcing families to make difficult budget cuts to stay afloat.

By installing solar panels, you’ll avoid future rate increases by generating free electricity at home. After the initial installation costs, your solar panels won’t cost you a penny, giving you the ability to create free electricity and negate electric bills.