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Paying for solar panels in Alameda

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I live in Alameda and have seen a few people in my neighborhood install solar panels. I read an article in USA Today about solar panels dropping in price a lot over the last decade, and want to finally look into installing a system on my house.

Even with the price drops though, I don't know if I can afford the upfront costs. I was wondering where I could find more information on paying for solar panels in Alameda.

How much can I expect to spend? What incentives can I look into? I've also heard leasing is an option, what can I find more info on that? Thanks
asked Nov 5, 2013 by anonymous

1 Answer

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How much your solar system costs depends on a variety of unique factors, including size, permitting costs, and your chosen installer's specific offerings. The Alameda Municipal Utility once provided solar rebates, but funding for the program has run out. You can learn more about what incentives were offered on their website

Even without the rebate program, you can still take advantage of a tax credit worth 30% of installation costs through the Federal Investment Tax Credit. Unless extended, the Federal Investment Tax Credit will end in 2016. 

Leasing has become a more popular option as rebates have dried up. In a leasing agreement, you'll make monthly payments for use of the solar system. Combined with energy savings, these payments will still be lower than you'd typically pay each month on power bills. 

You can learn more about leasing in our Solar Financing Section. Also, be sure to contact solar panel installers near Alameda to get more specific answers to your questions.

answered Nov 8, 2013 by Ed S (2,590 points)