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Who is really installing solar panels?

October 23rd, 2013 / By: Ed Sztukowski

New report challenges utility assertion that solar is for the rich

The Center for American Progress released a new report this week that breaks down exactly who is embracing solar in California.

Their report "Solar Power to the People: Rise of Rooftop Solar Among the Middle Class" examines data from the California Solar Initiative (CSI) and shows that new solar installations are overwhelmingly located in middle-class neighborhoods.

That assertion is a direct challenge to the California Public Utilities Commission report that says solar adoption is solely in higher-level income brackets.

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Electric utilities target battery-backed systems

October 9th, 2013 / By: Ed Sztukowski

Battery storage presents new challenges to power companies

California's electric utilities might have won concessions over the net metering fight, but they're continuing the offensive by targeting battery-backed solar systems.

Pacific Gas & Electric, Sempra Energy, and Southern California Edison aren't giving battery-backed solar systems net metering benefits, saying that they can't be sure that the power provided by battery-backed systems is actually clean energy.

Without citing any specific examples, they note that a customer could store grid energy in the battery, and then try to sell it back as fraudulent clean energy. That presents new challenges to customers who are only trying to protect themselves from power outages with solar batteries.

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California turns on world's largest solar array

October 3rd, 2013 / By: Ed Sztukowski

"Ivanpah" to provide 377 MW of electricity to grid

The world's largest solar array produced its first energy output several days ago, marking an important milestone for solar in California.

Nicknamed "Ivanpah," the gigantic solar tower will provide huge amounts of electricity to the grid. Given just how big the project was, Ivanpah's success could have enormous implications for largescale solar projects down the line.

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